About this blog:

iblog, over and beyond” is a personal blog that simply shares answers, solutions, knowledge andinformation for everyone here in the world wide web.

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About Me:

Hi, I’m Jonjon Mendoza Susi the blogger behind this simple blog. I’m a mediocre blogger living in the Philippines.

My goals in life are to achieve time and financial freedom for the security of my family. I believed that to be a professional and successful blogger someday are one of the keys to achieve my goals.

I’m a multipotentialite that’s why I share varieties of topics here in my blog. But what I love to write are things which I know are worth sharing.

I strongly believe in a saying that:

Our life is a choice and you are what you think. Our mind is a very powerful tool which can turn us to what we want to be. But it takes courage and perseverance to drive the metamorphosis to be who we want to be.

If by chance, you stumbled upon this simple blog, I hope I had helped you!

Enjoy reading! If you have concern/ inquiries, send me a message in my contact page.